Tirzah veröffentlicht den neuen Song „Ribs“ vor den bevorstehenden Tourdaten

Tirzah lebt

5/23 – Konstellationsraum, Santa Ana, CA
24.5. – Belasco, Los Angeles, CA
5/25 – August Hall, San Francisco, CA
27.5. – Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, NY
28.5. – Das Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD

6/18 – Electric Brixton, London
6/21 – Geiger, Bristol
6/22- SWG3 Studio Warehouse, Glasgow
23.6. – Die Stoller Hall, Manchester
24.6. – Die Knopffabrik, Dublin
7/5 – Bitterzoet, Amsterdam
7/6 – Berghain, Berlin
7/7 – Café de la Danse, Paris

You're looking at an article about Tirzah veröffentlicht den neuen Song „Ribs“ vor den bevorstehenden Tourdaten<br /> . You can also see a video about Should the U S Government Release UAP Data to the Public w Jacob Haqq-Misra that you might like.

Video Details:
Title : Should the U S Government Release UAP Data to the Public w Jacob Haqq-Misra
Artist Name : Event Horizon
Duration : 52:19
Video Size : 71.85 MB
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Should scientists study the phenomenon? Should scientists study UFOs? Could They Be HERE?
Dr. Jacob Haqq-Misra shares his thoughts on why scientists need more data on UAP to become public so they can start identifying the unidentified. Could some UFOs be of Alien origin? What about prior technological civlizations, does the silurian hypothesis mean we can never truly know if something is actually alien? And do we have recovered material that can be tested? Should there be more UAP hearings?

00:00:00 Intro
00:03:03 Bio
00:03:53 What if Aliens are already here?
00:05:45 We need more data on UFOs
00:09:15 Avi Loeb and the Galileo Project
00:10:22 John Michael Godier saw a UAP
00:13:03 It’s unlikely that all UAP are explained by the same thing
00:16:23 Is there still a stigma?
00:18:00 J. Allen Hynek came to a conclusion that the phenomenon is something else…
00:19:10 how do you collect data on UAP?
00:24:53 Evidence of recovered materials?
00:33:41 the Silurian hypothesis
00:38:20 do we need to test for life on mars before we go there?
00:46:00 Will we ever know the origin of life?

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The Galileo Project for the Systematic Scientific Search for Evidence of Extraterrestrial Technological Artifacts

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