ROBB FLYNN Reveals TREVOR STRNAD’s Influence On The Blackening, Praises His Endless Metal Knowledge

Tributes have been pouring in all week as the world reels from the sudden and great loss of The Black Dahlia Murder vocalist Trevor Strnad. The tributes include everything from lists to heartfelt memories of the modern metal legend (some funny and some truly grateful), even to a petition for the GRAMMYs to include him in their In Memoriam segment. Now Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn has shared a handful of stories about his experiences with Strnad, including the time he influenced Flynn‘s musical mindset prior to writing The Blackening.

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The stories can be found below via Flynn‘s No Fuckin’ Regrets podcast, which was then editorialized by Flynn to Metal Hammer.

“He and I just hit it off. He had this ridiculously hot girl with him, but he ended up staying out with me all night. We got shit-faced – absolutely annihilated. He actually threw up on the bar at one point when we were doing shots, then kept on drinking! This was the first time I hung out with the guy, and it was like I’d known him for 10 years. I was absolutely raging with him, laughing my ass off. He was the sort of person who could hang out with anybody and you’d be best friends right away.

“We mostly talked about music and about metal. We talked about how our tours were going, and how great Municipal Waste were. I ended up picking his brain: ‘You heard any good bands that you’re loving right now?’

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“I’ll never forget it, cos he told about this band Scarlet, and I’ve never forgotten it. The opening song on their record was called ‘Obsolete,” man, I must have listened to that song 500 times at least. I was listening to it when we were working on The Blackening, and that one song had such an influence on that record – the way I started the record, the way I played some of the songs. And that was all down to Trevor, because he turned me onto this band.

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“He was more knowledgeable about metal than most people I know. He was constantly going down YouTube rabbit holes, just listening to demo bands. He was so into it. I don’t know if we could have asked for a better ambassador for metal than him. But he was also a huge fan of Motown and R&B. We had a conversation about it – if he wasn’t listening to metal, he’d put on some Motown.”

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