Poliça teilen neue Single „Violence“

Poliça teilen neue Single „Violence“

Wahnsinn Erscheint am 3. Juni über Memphis Industries

09. Mai 2022

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Poliça aus Minneapolis haben eine neue Single „Violence“ veröffentlicht. Es ist die neueste Veröffentlichung ihres kommenden Albums, Wahnsinn, das am 3. Juni über Memphis Industries erscheinen wird. Unten anhören.

In einer Pressemitteilung erklärt Leadsängerin Channy Leaneagh: „Zusammen mit den Kernmitgliedern der Band bringt die neue Single ‚Violence‘ einige der beliebtesten Kollaborateure von Poliça mit, darunter Jermey Nutzman von Velvet Negroni, Boys Noize, Dustin Zahn, CJ Camererie und Aaron Baum, um eine sich langsam aufbauende, tänzerische Herangehensweise an die Probleme anderer zu bringen.“

Im Februar teilte Poliça den Track „Rotting“. Bei der Ankündigung des neuen Albums im April teilte die Band „Alive“, einen unserer Songs der Woche. Ihr vorheriges Album, Wenn wir am Leben bleibenkam 2020 über Memphis Industries heraus.

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You're looking at an article about Poliça teilen neue Single „Violence“<br /> . You can also see a video about Midnight Thriller - Follower Multi-language subtitles K-Drama by Park Seon-jae-I that you might like.

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Title : Midnight Thriller - Follower Multi-language subtitles K-Drama by Park Seon-jae-I
Artist Name : K-DRAMA
Duration : 48:27
Video Size : 66.54 MB
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The story of Yeon-hee who appears to be having a happily married life but is actually experiencing domestic violence. Little by little, Yeon-hee begins to fall into danger when posts suggesting self-harm are posted on the SNS account that impersonates hers. MIDNIGHT THRILLER (미드나잇 스릴러) 2021 | FOLLOWER | Multi-language subtitles | Kim Yeonhee, Lee Sangbeom

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Seemingly happily married, Yeonhee suffers from a toxic relationship. The owner of a high-class Italian restaurant, Sangbeom’s failing business leads him to beating his wife, Yeonhee. While struggling with her husband’s violent habits, Yeonhee also struggles from a fake social media account posing as herself.
At first, she disregards this as a trivial happening, until matters worsen. A suicidal post is uploaded, and Yeonhee’s life faces turmoil. However, Yeonhee fails to convince the account administrators and authorities of its severity. Out of frustration, Yeonhee turns to Uichan for help, an elementary school classmate who is now a police detective.
Shortly, Yeonhee disappears and her husband Sangbeom receives an insurance windfall. As soon as the insurance money pays out, Sangbeom is found dead. Subsequently, Restaurant Manager Hyejoo, Sangbeom’s mistress, becomes a suspect. However, Hyejoo also disappears without a trace.
As the tables keep turning throughout a series of peculiar events, Uichan gets a strange feeling. The post on Yeonhee’s social media account suggesting her death… Yeonhee’s accident… Sangbeom’s death… and the disappearance of Hyejoo…
What clue is Uichan missing from these episodes? Who is the mastermind behind all this?

Kim Yeonhee
On the surface, she looks happy. The truth, however, she suffers from an unhappy marriage, which slowly wears her out. She dreams of escaping but doesn’t have the courage to upset her peaceful life. Then, one day, she is stalked by a stranger, who tortures her life.

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Lee Sangbeom
Kim Yeonhee’s husband and restaurant owner. His usual friendly and gentle manners conceal his violent and alcoholic
habits. Along with his struggling business, he is also dissatisfied with his marriage: causing his relationship with
Kim Yeonhee to decay. Ultimately, He triggers a series of events that will lead Kim Yeonhee to her meltdown.

Song Uichan
Yeonhee’s elementary school classmate and homicide detective. His romantic feelings for Yeonhee resurface at a class reunion. Due to his honesty and strong sense of justice, it was only natural for Song Uichan to become a detective. However, his good nature is also easily taken advantage by others.

Cha Hyejoo
A big fan of Sangbeom, who is former baseball player with fame. As she re-met him, she dreamed to be with him for good. Hyejoo strongly believes that she is a perfect match with Sangbeom rather than gloomy Yeonhee.

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