Musikkritik: The Irie – Kick it, im

„Außergewöhnlich, Originalität und eine geballte Portion Positives – all das sind passende Beinamen für diesen Track. Spüren Sie, wie der Reggae-Rhythmus Sie auf Ihren Wellen schwingt und lassen Sie alles los, was Sie daran hindert, die Euphorie zu genießen. (Automatisch übersetzt mit Google Translate)

„Неординарность, оригинальность и концентрированная порция позитива — всё это подходящие эпитеты для этого трека. Почувствуйте, как ритм Reggae раскачивает вас на своих волнах и отпустите всё, что мешает вам насладиться эйфорией.“

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Title : Michael Ben David - I M
Artist Name : Eurovision Song Contest
Duration : 02:59
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Michael Ben David will represent Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin with the song 'I.M'.

Michael Ben David hails from Petah Tikva, a city in the Central District of Israel that lies just 10 kilometres east of Tel Aviv. He’s spoken quite openly on the show about the difficulties he faced as a child, from being bullied at school for singing in a high-pitched voice, to the trouble that his mother initially had accepting him when he came out as gay.

Fittingly, his song I.M is a positive anthem about self-acceptance, and it’s a message that was echoed once more by Michael when speaking with Israeli broadcaster KAN after his The X Factor Israel win: ‘I’m a little shocked. People voted for me and that means they accept me for who I am. This isn’t only for me. This is for so many people.’

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