Musikkritik: Anthony Cinquini – Bossa (The Album), im

„Die Komposition ab den ersten Tönen lässt eine ganze Gänsehaut durch den Körper laufen. Atmosphärischer, tiefer, zauberhaft melodischer Song. Natürlich ist dies eines der kraftvollsten Werke in einem so eleganten Genre wie Bossa Nova. (Automatisch übersetzt mit Google Translate)

„Композиция с первых нот заставляет целую стаю мурашек пробежаться по всему вашему telу. Атмосферная, глубокая, магически мелодичная песня. Безусловно, это одно из самых сильных произведений в таком элегантном жанре, как Bossa Nova.“

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Title : Mom Is Having TWIN Babies
Artist Name : Tannerites
Duration : 10:30
Video Size : 14.42 MB
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Canyon found a baby stroller accessory and told Savannah that Mom was having a baby. Savannah listened to Mom's phone conversation and heard her talking about baby sickness and the kids decided Mom really was having a baby! So they went to work to help Mom with the future baby by getting her food and something to drink. And then a stroller came to the door. Watch as they find out the REAL news!

Welcome to The TANNERITES!
We are a family of 9 (Mom, Dad, and 7 kids) who love to experience the best of life through spontaneous adventures, being positive about life's difficulties, loving and serving others, and BEATING Cancer!

Music by: Epidemic Sound​

For collaborations, business, and personal inquiries please email: [email protected]

Mom Is Having TWIN Babies! Starring Canyon Tannerites, Savannah Tannerites, and Sarah (Mom) Tannerites. Aspen on camera!

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