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“A dancing creature hopping across a meadow into a lush green forest filled with natures magic. The sun rises behind it as the ray shine on the treetops awaking all the creatures. A new dawn is upon us, fresh and magnificent in her glory. This beautiful composure can truly relax one to the core. ”

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Video Details:
Title : Shaking Godspeed - Future Boogie
Artist Name : Shaking Godspeed
Duration : 03:32
Video Size : 4.85 MB
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Thanks to Bokkepruik (camera and edit)

The song is also featured on the album Welcome Back Wolf by Shaking Godspeed.
Heavily inspired by The singularity is near (Ray Kurzweil) we wrote the song Future Boogie.

Their new album Welcome Back Wolf, recorded live in a deserted factory, provides ground to Shaking Godspeed's own slightly deranged views and sincere emotions.


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