Konchord – Frühlingsschneeflocke

Konchord - Spring Snowflake, Electronica-Musikgenre, ShakingGodspeed.com

„Wenn Glück einen Klang hätte, wäre dies ein Track wie „Spring Snowflake“. Kristallklare elektronische Melodien entfalten sich in langsamem Tempo und ein reichhaltiges Hihat-Pattern hält den Rhythmus aufrecht… >>> Lesen Sie mehr und hören Sie sich diesen Song auf Nagamag an
#triphop #downtempo #nagamag #musikmagazin
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Der Beitrag Konchord – Spring Snowflake erschien zuerst auf Nagamag – International Music Magazine.

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Title : Pretend Play Song More Nursery Rhymes Kids Songs - CoComelon
Artist Name : Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes
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JJ sets up a pretend store in the house, what can you find in the market?
In this educational nursery rhyme compilation, you will find titles such as 'Wheels on the Bus', 'ABC Song with Balloons', & many more kids songs!
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A new compilation video, including one of our most recent songs, 'Pretend Play Song'!

0:08 Pretend Play
3:09 Harvest Stew
6:01 Halloween Costume Song
9:10 Yes Yes Dress for the Rain
12:47 I Want to be Like Mommy
16:02 Reading Song
18:12 I Love the Mountains
21:12 Five Senses Song
24:07 Father and Sons Song
26:31 Numbers Song with Little Chicks
29:22 ABC Song with Balloons
32:31 Apples and Bananas 2
36:04 Jobs and Career Song
39:41 The Soccer (Football) Song
42:34 Doctor Checkup Song
44:57 Hello Song
48:02 Looby Loo
50:33 Wheels on the Bus (Play Version)

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