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Title : Sourdough Starter EVERYTHING You Need to Know
Artist Name : TRUE FOOD TV
Duration : 14:27
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How to make a fail-proof starter using all-purpose flour (secret: fruit!); how to feed and maintain it (wet vs dry starter); how to store long-term; how to troubleshoot; and how to know when it’s ready for making bread.

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0:00 - Intro

0:41 - What is a sourdough starter?
1:05 - Sourdough yeast vs commercial yeast
1:53 - My secret to a fail-proof starter
2:48 - Starter recipe
5:14 - Troubleshooting
5:15 - Is an older starter better than a new starter?
6:10 - Using different flours
7:04 - Should you keep different kinds of starters?
7:28 - How and when to feed your starter
9:28 - How to make a wet starter into a dry starter (and why)
9:51 - How NOT to wash your starter container
10:05 - Using the discard to make waffles
10:48 - How long can you leave a starter unfed (what to do when you go away)
10:58 - The hooch: gray liquid on top of starter
11:30 - How to know that your starter has gone bad
12:12 - How to know when your starter is ready for making bread

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