Cody Frost veröffentlicht neues neues Mixtape, ‘Teeth’. Video für ‘Redundant’ –

You're looking at an article about Cody Frost veröffentlicht neues neues Mixtape, 'Teeth'. Video für 'Redundant' -<br /> . You can also see a video about Elsa and Mei Lee Switched Their Powers 10 Ideas for Doll that you might like.

Video Details:
Title : Elsa and Mei Lee Switched Their Powers 10 Ideas for Doll
Artist Name : LaLiLu
Duration : 11:28
Video Size : 15.75 MB
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Medusa Gorgon Growing Up / 10 LOL Surprise DIYs:
There is an unprecedented event in the doll city - Elsa and Mei Lee switched their magical abilities! Watch interesting ideas in our new video.

#elsa #meilee #switchedpowers

Supplies and tools:
• hot glue gun
• scissors
• utility knife
• paint brushes
• acrylic paints
• regular and glittery foam paper
• rhinestone accessory chain
• rhinestones
• decorative snowflakes
• fabrics
• wire
• felt
• light clay
• cocktail straws
• decorative leaves
• glitter
• toy flowerpot
• paper clips
• ribbon
• dry pastels
• clear green folder
• red athletic fabric
• tulle with glitter
• stones on a ribbon
• red synthetic stuffing
• hair clip made out of red and blue snowflakes
• red faux fur
• glass bottle with a cork
• thick cardboard
• markers
• white accessory chain
• sequin fabric
• Velcro
• faux fur
• synthetic stuffing
• pipe cleaner

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