Barlow Guitars Falcon II Fretless Five-String – ohne Höhen

Barlow Guitars Falcon II Fretless Five-String Bass und KorpusDiese Woche testen wir eine atemberaubende Falcon II Fretless-Fünfsaiter von Barlow Guitars. Luthier Ricky Barlow teilte den neuen Build auf seiner Facebook-Seite mit allen Spezifikationen.

Der Bass hat eine atemberaubende Auswahl an Hölzern mit einer Koa-Decke, einem Claro-Walnuss-Korpus und Schichten aus Cocobolo und Primavera. Sein Hals besteht aus geröstetem Flammenahorn und Cocobolo, während das sabberwürdige Fretless-Griffbrett ebenfalls aus Cocobolo besteht.

Weitere Merkmale sind ein Paar Delano SBC 5 HE/S-Tonabnehmer, ein Mike Pope Flexcore-Vorverstärker, Schaller-Tuner, eine Ray Ross-Brücke und eine 35-Zoll-Mensur.

Spezifikationen des Barlow Guitars Falcon II Fretless Five-String Bass:

Skala: 35″
Konstruktion: Hals angesetzt
Körper: Halbhohle Nussbaum Claro, Cocobolo und Primavera
Oben: Koa
Nacken: Gerösteter Flammenahorn, Cocobolo
Mutter: Afrikanisches Schwarzholz
Griffbrett: Cocobolo
Einlagen: Abalone-Logo und seitliche Punkte
Tonabnehmer: Delano SBC5HE/S
Elektronik: Mike Pope Flexcore
Brücke: Ray-Ross-Brücke 19 mm
Tuner: Schaller
Fertig: Barlow Rose Petal Körper, Barlow Satin Oil Hals
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Dr. Jonathan Schwabe, a bassist and professor I studied under at the University of Northern Iowa’s music program, affectionately refers to the upright bass as the “king of instruments.” When you consider the physical challenges in playing the acoustic juggernaut, it’s an appropriate label. Many electric bassists have attempted to make the transition to playing the unforgiving axe, only to realize the upright bass’ beautiful timbres require significant adjustments in technique and aural facility. Thankfully, there are options for these dejected players seeking more of an acoustic sound—including this new offering from the Ibanez Bass Workshop. Labeled the SRH505F, it’s a semi-hollow adaptation of their classic Soundgear series design that features a fretless fingerboard, chambered body, and piezo electronics.

To achieve their sonic goals with the SRH505F, Ibanez constructed a somewhat thicker body—comprised of mahogany and topped with spruce—to accommodate the chambered design. Two large chambers enhance resonance and reduce weight, and a forearm contour provides comfort while adding subtle styling. Speaking of looks, the “natural browned burst” finish delivers an organic vibe, and the carved, bass-side f-hole is a classy touch.

The jatoba and bubinga combination for the 5-piece neck helps deliver midrange complexity and add mwah to each note while providing neck stability. The fretless, bound-rosewood fingerboard complements the warm woods of the bass, and as a friendly guide, Ibanez installed black line-markers and offset white-dot inlays to minimize intonation issues. Ibanez was also savvy to carve a thumb rest at the end of the fingerboard. Not only does it provide a convenient anchor for string crossing; it keeps the thumb from resting on the resonant spruce top.

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